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Dealing with federal/provincial tribunal?  Are you a landlord or tenant? Do you have a legal claim of $25,000 or under, claim/defense? Do you have a criminal charge no more than six months or under $5,000?  This is all PARALEGAL BUSINESS

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Nicky Humphries, Licensed Paralegal, Commissioner of Oaths

Honours Graduate 2018

Nicky Humphries, Director of Blue Heron Paralegal, provider of legal services for Dunnville and Hald

  • Licenced with LSO
  • Member in good standing with LSO
  • Graduate Mohawk College 2 year Paralegal Diploma Program
  • Graduate Mohawk College 2 year Social Service Worker Diploma

Paralegal & Small Business - made for each other! PARALEGAL & YOU...AFFORDABLE MATCH!


Commissioner of Oaths for Affidavits & Declarations

Paralegal & Small Business......the legal extension of your small business..... contract writing (commercial lease etc.)….  employee handbook...… employee training manuals..... bill collection..... contractor/homeowner disputes...

Paralegal & You!……..advocate for your rights..... your representative in Small Claims Court....  writing & document preparation..... loan disputes..... property damage..... breach of contract..... home improvement disputes..... homeowner/contractor disputes.... attend a hearing on your behalf.....

  • Provincial Offences
  • Summary Convictions
  • Tribunal & Administrative 
  • Mediation
  • Sub Work for Lawyers & Paralegals

Fees - Affordable & Timely


Which method best suits your circumstances:

  1. fee per service (unbundled)
  2. flat fee |(fixed amount) 
  3. hourly rate - $95
  4. estimated fee paid in stages
  5. contingency fee on win 

Plaintiff or Defendant? I Can Prepare your Claim or Defense. Small Business? I can write Employee Contracts or Commercial Lease


Landlord or Tenant? I am Familiar with the RTA and Your Rights and Can Competently Represent You at the Landlord Tenant Board


Got a Charge? I Can Handle Your Summary Conviction ($5,000 and/or 6 month Jail). Some Offences Include: Domestic Assault, Common Assault, Dangerous Driving, Fraud, Mischief, Shoplifting, Possession under 5mg, Bawdy House